How it all started

Beautiful Me started as a simple idea to help support women through a very difficult year. With all of the challenges of 2020, I wanted to offer support to women dealing with all the stresses of life plus lockdown, isolation, school closures, and furloughed jobs, as well as all the other stuff that women have to deal with on a daily basis.  That kick-started the creation of Hey Beautiful – a free daily email offering words of comfort, support, inspiration and motivation, along with a daily affirmation.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it useful or not – I just knew that I wanted to help in some small way.

As Hey Beautiful grew, I realised there was an opportunity to create a community of women centred around a general focus of wellbeing, not in a woo-woo sense, but in very practical and realistic terms. I wanted to extend the RTT, hypnotherapy and coaching work I do with my private clients to a wider audience of like-minded women, at a time when getting out and about was more challenging than usual and with so much uncertainty in the air. 

If  2020 has taught us anything, it’s been to make us focus our attention on our emotional and physical health, and take responsibility for helping ourselves. I’ve seen this in my private practice with a rise in the number of women seeking help for anxiety and depression. We’re now also realising the importance of small things, of daily rituals and self-care, and perhaps are more grateful for our lives because of it.

And so the idea for Beautiful Me was born. I wanted, above all, to create a place where we could all come to to feel better about ourselves and our lives, to know that we are good enough just as we are and doing our best just by showing up every day!

Beautiful Me was launched on 1st December 2020

About Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is a wellbeing club for women, an online retreat to find support, comfort, encouragement, inspiration, and a little bit of calm in a hectic world. In short, whatever your mood, it’s a place to come to feel better.

Offering a growing library of hypnosis and meditation audios, and wellbeing resources like self-care tips, mindset techniques, articles, a private Facebook community and monthly live group meditation, hypnosis, RTT and more – it starts with two simple questions: 

How do you feel today? 

And, how do you want to feel today?

We delve into a new wellbeing theme every month, from dealing with anxiety, to creating ultimate body confidence, to getting rid of money blocks, creating success, finding love and building relationships and more. 

About me

For the past decade or so, my passion has been helping women transform their lives, to find personal and professional happiness and success, first in my capacity as a coach but then more recently as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Before that I was a TV producer for the BBC and CNN and a  journalist working on magazines and newspapers in Asia (which seems like a lifetime ago).

I’ve also has my share of stress, anxiety and trauma amongst the daily rollercoaster ride that is life! But I find focusing on the things that really matter helps keep life in balance. That said, I’m a mum to two teenagers, partner to Martin (thank you Martin for the wild and exciting ride so far!), dog and cat lover, writer, amateur gardener, painter and crochet enthusiast.

My work now is all about helping women identify, recognise and then eliminate old patterns of behaviour that no longer work for them – whether it’s finding and choosing healthier relationships, achieving success at work or banishing anxiety once and for all. You can find out more about my work with private clients here.

About RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful form of hypnotherapy, that as the name suggests, works very rapidly, sometimes in as little as one session. It goes further than traditional hypnotherapy by getting to the root cause of where old negative beliefs about ourselves started and getting rid of them once and for all. Created by Marisa Peer, RTT has achieved positive and permanent results for a wide variety of emotional and physical issues. 

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